So, you’re an entrepreneur or plan to become one?  Congratulations!  Entrepreneurs are interesting folks. Driven, passionate, focused and maybe sometimes obsessed. Entrepreneurs are also some of the people that make the world great and who drive the economy ever forward. Rapid innovation is the new paradigm with companies, large and small, embracing the need to come up with new ideas or significantly improving on existing ones to make a better product, provide a superior service or set a whole new course where no one has gone before.

The Entrepreneurs Alliance is made up of folks just like you. Many of us are serial entrepreneurs, self-employed and we understand what is going through your head. We have walked in your shoes and felt the frustration when someone doesn’t see what we see.

The Entrepreneurs Alliance can help

  • The Entrepreneurs Alliance (EA) has mapped the local and non-local resources available to assist you in pursuit of your vision
  • The EA is supporting a community of Entrepreneurs who desire to experience creative collisions with like-minded individuals at various events we sponsor where people can meet and collaborate or, perhaps, commiserate.
  • We provide Mentorship –  EA members have significant experience in all facets of business and can provide feedback on your idea, strategy, market, team and overall viability. The EA can also offer best practices for getting funded but, perhaps most importantly, introduce you to our network of contacts that may be able to offer assistance to you and your idea.

How do we get started?

That’s the spirit!  Let’s chat and see where you are in the process.  Not all entrepreneurs have the same needs.  If our group isn’t the right fit, we will help you find one that is.  There are lots of great resources we want you to know about!